Chicago Sun-Times Podcasts

Brian oversees podcast, video, and photo production for the Chicago Sun-Times and produces The Fran Spielman Show.

Between the examples below and other shows that are produced at the Chicago Sun-Times, Brian has managed the production of 700+ podcast episodes in the realm of sports, politics and interviews.

All My Friends Are Dads

Brian has always been good with kids. Long-time baby sitter growing up and always finding it amusung to get a youngster to crack a smile. So imagine his delight when three of his close friends all because dads withing the same year. Dennis has a 1-year-old, Jeff has a 4-month-old and Kevin has a newborn. Brian has these guys. Tune in as first time fathers share the spit ups and down of first-time fatherhood.

Brian produces and hosts AMFADs.

Über Cinco

With over 100 episodes, Über Cinco has solidified itself as one of the only podcast game shows where we deep dive Top 5s. With a rotating host, two contestants bring their lists to the table to compete for arbitrary points revealing creative, embarassing, or straight up fantastical anecdotes.

Brian is a co-host and one of the shows producers.

Contains explicit language, yet wholesome content.