Creative Director Brian Ernst

Video & Marketing Professional

Video Production

My bread and butter is in video ranging from commercial to documentary, editorial to marketing.

Brand Marketing

Creating brand identity and growing subscribers.


Audio storytelling through interviews and comedy.


Journalism & marketing personally, and leading the photo staff of the Chicago Sun-Times.


Meet Brian

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here I have collected my professional work as well as my creative endeavors I'm hoping to make more of my day-to-day. I'm a creative professional who has spent the majority of my career in marketing and journalism, but my experience also fits brand marketing and narrative filmmaking.


Recent Work


The bread that contains 10g of complete protein per slice. 

Directed several pieces highlighting their food service arm with award-winning chef and author Chad Robertson.

Broad Street Brokers

Helping small businesses get access to professional video marketing is one of my passions and was lucky enough to shoot this piece in Northern Wisconsin.

This work showcases a lot of aerial photography and scenic landscapes from a multi-day production with a solo crew of just myself. 

U.S. Dairy

I recently directed several cookie recipes featuring the use of dairy products for U.S. Dairy's "Undeniably Dairy" brand. 

This project was a tight turn around that needed quick creative crew hiring, production, & post.


Client Satisfaction

Managing Editor, Houston Chronicle and former Chicago Sun-Times Executive Editor 

My Mom

I still wish he was a doctor or a lawyer, but this camera thing seems to be working out.