Several years after a public embarrassment, a decorated city cop continues her adjustment to serving and protecting a suburban zoo with a team of complacent, in-over-their-head officers in the bizarre field of zoological law enforcement.

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Happy Side Up

On Chicago's west side, a group of underachieving roommates attempt to course correct their uncertain futures under the watchful eye of their unstable new landlord.

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" (2005) meets "Spaced" (1999)

Story by

Brian Ernst & Mitch Brinkman

Written by

Brian Ernst


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Something Left

Written by Brian Ernst

After abandoning city life for northern Wisconsin, Joel takes a by chance becoming a small town reporter while balancing living with his juvenile uncle and course correcting his unlucky-in-love romantic streak.


Written by Brian Ernst

He didn't know his ex was pregnant and she just abandoned their child at the hospital. Now a year later, an in-over-his head single father begs his estranged sister to drive him cross country to seek financial help from his ex's grandparents who don't know he and his daughter exist.